About Us


We believe prevention beets a cure...

And since more than 70% of diseases are preventable we decided to redefine health management with a focus on creating delicious alternatives to fast food - we call it Fast Daily Nutrition!



We studied to become Pharmacists and loved that we got to help people, but felt it was always too late!

We travelled the world and were greatly informed by necessity. As a coeliac and a vegetarian it was challenging to find food that was satisfying… the more we looked, the more we found juices to be the answer.

We started at the root of the problem, putting together an incredible menu and a team of like minded Northside nuts to help you grow your berry own regime of fast daily nutrition - a balance of nature’s proteins, vitamins with minimal sugars.

We focus on making an abundance of fresh natural foods easily available and invite you to become part of the family - why not try our personal favourites detailed below?!




Heena's personal favourites...

I’m a nutter so these are my picks!

Rawtella bowl is definitely the fav

Peanut butter smoothie – favourite treat

Keen for Greens is my #1 juice  - it’s the most alkaline, It helps reduce bloating, and makes me feel light and refreshed


Jateen must haves...

The Holy Kale – is my daily kick start

Alm-day Protein Smoothie – my after gym top up

Oh Wow Cacao Bowl is my favourite bowl - It’s my chocolate hit that contains 0% guilt!


See the full menu here.